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20 Retinol Body Treatments for Smoother, Firmer-Looking Skin

20 Retinol Body Treatments for Smoother, Firmer-Looking Skin


We know retinol is the gold standard when it comes to all-things anti aging—but did you know its treatment power isn’t limited to just the face? From hand creams to body washes and creams, the all-star ingredient is becoming more and more popular in the body-care sector due to its track record of stimulating collagen and improving skin’s texture. Why not share the anti-aging love, right?

Ahead, 20 retinol body treatments to try for smoother, firmer-looking skin below the face.

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Replenix Smooth + Tighten Body Lotion ($94)

Packed with antioxidants, retinol, hyaluronic acid and ceramides, this hard-working body lotion works to fight against wrinkles, slack skin and rough texture—perfect for those pesky bumps many of us have behind the arms.

BUY NOW – $94

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Olay Cleansing & Renewing Nighttime Body Wash with Vitamin B3 and Retinol ($9.50)

This rich and lathering body cleanser makes folding retinol into your daily body-care routine easier than ever.

BUY NOW – $9.50

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iS Clinical Body Complex ($75)

Providing so much more than your average body lotion, this ultrahydrating one also boasts anti-aging and exfoliation benefits thanks to ingredients like antioxdiants, vitamins, botanicals and retinol for skin that’s smoother, softer and more evenly toned.

BUY NOW – $75

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Hand MD Restorative Duo ($30)

Made just for your hands, this peptide-, antioxidant- and retinol-rich treatment revitalizes dry, damaged hands while protecting against future free-radical damage, too. 

BUY NOW – $30


What are the benefits of retinol body treatments? 

Because retinol targets the collagen in the skin, which we make less of every decade, retinol body lotions and treatments offer similar benefits to the body as a retinol serum or cream would for the face. Think: smoother, firmer skin and less crepiness and laxity.

Retinol can also address skin concerns like acne, rough texture and more due to its ability to speed up cell turnover. 

How do you use retinol body treatments? 

Retinol can cause photosensitivity, or a sensitivity to the sun. Just like your retinol serums are only part of your nighttime routine, ideally, a retinol treatment would only be used at night as well. If you must use a retinol body lotion it in the morning, couple it with an SPF to protect your skin.


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