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3 Things Joan Collins Does to Look Youthful at 90

3 Things Joan Collins Does to Look Youthful at 90


The iconic Joan Collins is dishing out her beauty secrets, and they’re surprisingly simple.

“I’ve had nothing done. I couldn’t do all that,” the 90-year-old Collins shared with The Guardian earlier this month. “First of all, I’m needle-phobic. It was my mother who told me to moisturize and use night cream. I told my two girls and both of them have fabulous skin. And stay out of the sun.”

In previous interviews, Collins also credited not years, but decades, of consistency—specifically when it comes to her creams and SPF use.

“I’m very disciplined,” Collins told The Mirror a few years ago. “I don’t go to bed without taking off my makeup and putting on night cream. My mother had me and sister Jackie doing that when we were 14.”

In addition, the Dallas star told You that skin-health is a regular habit: “I have always worn sun protection, and have kept my face away from harmful rays since I was 20. You should see me when I wake up in the morning: My face is so white, it’s like a sheet.”

Joan Collins also has her own line, which she specifically formulated for sensitive skin, while keeping multitasking in mind.

“For Dame Joan, taking care of the skin starts young and never stops,” the site says. “Her belief is that anything applied to the skin should be good for it and that good cosmetics should also protect.”


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