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4 Specialized Types of Luggage

4 Specialized Types of Luggage


You haul out your suitcase, backpack, or roll-aboard bags when you’re ready to go. But you’re likely to see some pretty unusual carrying cases if you travel frequently. Go beyond the suitcase to learn how specialized types of luggage serve glamorous, artistic, and highly practical purposes for different types of travelers. 

Specialized Types of Luggage – Hat Boxes

In the Victorian era, hat boxes emerged as a stylish and practical solution for storing and transporting hats. These round or square containers, traditionally made of sturdy materials like leather or metal, help maintain the shape and integrity of delicate hats during travel. 

You may also have seen hatboxes in old Hollywood movies, often during scenes that made fun of women who packed an excessive number of suitcases and carriers that some hapless bell service person must pile onto a luggage rack, or try to carry all at once. 

Today, hat boxes have evolved into fashionable home décor accessories, often used as accent pieces or storage options at home.

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Specialized Luggage – Musical Instrument Cases

Musicians require specialized luggage to protect their precious instruments while traveling. These cases, designed specifically for each type of instrument—from guitars and violins to drum kits, trumpets, and string basses—provide ample padding and secure fastenings to keep the instruments safe from damage. They may also include compartments for storing sheet music and other accessories. 

Some high-end musical instrument cases even offer humidity monitors and beefed-up temperature protection to preserve the quality of the instrument. And don’t be surprised if you see someone on a plane or train sitting next to a large musical instrument case. The passenger has bought a ticket for their instrument, unwilling to consign it to the uncertainties of checked baggage. 

Tack Trunks – Specialized Luggage Bags

A tack trunk is an essential piece of luggage for equestrians. These large, sturdy boxes serve as a storage solution for all horse-riding equipment, including saddles, bridles, riding boots, and grooming tools. Tack trunks often come with compartments and drawers for organized storage and locks for security. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your tack trunk in top condition. Refer to our comprehensive guide on tack trunk maintenance for more details.

Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are the perfect solution for those who need to transport clothing without folding them. These tall, rectangular boxes come with a hanging rod, allowing travelers to transport their clothes on hangers, thus preventing wrinkles. Some advanced models also include drawers for storing folded items or accessories. Wardrobe boxes are a popular choice among fashion professionals and individuals moving homes.

Luggage goes beyond the suitcase, offering specialized types designed to meet specific storage and transportation needs. There is a piece of luggage out there designed specifically for you, whether you are a hat enthusiast, a musician, an equestrian, or someone who needs to move clothing without wrinkling it.

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