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40 years of jewels from Oliver Smith

40 years of jewels from Oliver Smith


This year marks 40 years in the jewelry biz for jeweler Oliver Smith and he’s celebrating in the best possible way: by releasing two spectacular new collections! One is geometric with dazzling diamonds in innovative arrangements and the other is pure color brilliance with spectacular many-hued stones in classic styles.

Do you want to see? Of course you do!

Diamond jewels of the Cairn collection by Oliver Smith

Jeweler Oliver Smith celebrates 40 years with dazzling jewels.

Here’s a taste of the Cairn Collection. This all-diamond collection from Oliver Smith is noteworthy for the absolutely fresh way that it combines diamonds into unexpected shapes. Each piece is a delightful surprise, a beautiful and unique discovery.

An avid outdoorsman, Oliver Smith found the inspiration for Cairn’s distinctive lines while trekking along unmapped hiking trails. In the designer’s own words:

When you hike unmapped trails, sometimes the only way to figure out the route is to look for the cairn markers. Whenever I’m in Switzerland for the watch fairs I go hiking in Chamonix and Zermatt. There, the only way to figure out where the path is going is by studying the current formations. Rocks stacked on top of each other identify the path.”

There’s something so poignant about a collection inspired by the trail markers that a hiker leaves behind to help other strangers find their way through the wilderness.

Diamond necklaces from the Cairn collection by Oliver Smith

Aren’t these Cairn pendants cool? Each is subtle at first glance, but the eye delights in flitting across each piece’s bright angles and lines.

As a jewelry designer who has a strong connection to the outdoors, Oliver Smith is committed to using sustainable sourcing practices when possible. The Cairn collection features many reclaimed diamonds sourced from existing jewelry. Smith collects and recycles estate jewelry, carefully freeing up diamonds of different cuts, shapes, colors, sizes and clarity to set anew in the stunning Cairn pieces.

Beautiful colored sapphire and diamond jewels from the Oliver Smith Prism Collection

The second Oliver Smith collection we’re looking at today is also inspired by the outdoors, with a nod to the aesthetic of the 1970’s.

This is the Prism Collection. As the name suggests, Prism is all about the glory of color. Featuring a riot of exquisite natural sapphires and rubies in scintillating hues, the Prism collection’s highly-saturated stones are so gorgeous that their beauty pretty much defies description (although I’m going to give it my best shot).

Prism features earrings and necklaces as well, but my personal faves of the collection are the perfectly curated tennis bracelets. I have a soft spot for the one above, with its lovely pink, purple, and blue color scheme, but the best way I can explain how noteworthy these bracelets are is to show you a 360 view of this piece:

Sunset colored sapphire bracelet from the Oliver Smith Prism Collection.

Look at it! LOOK at it. With its perfectly matched stones arranged in flawless color gradation, this piece is a wearable slice of sunset sky. Look at it glow! Have you ever seen anything like this? I can’t imagine how inexpressibly gorgeous it must be in person when it catches the light.

Between Prism and Cairn, it’s very easy to understand how Oliver Smith has been successful in the jewelry business for so long. Happy 40 years, Oliver Smith!! Thanks for rocking our worlds with these incredible designs.

See more on the Oliver Smith website.

Beautiful sapphire and diamond bracelets from the Oliver Smith Prism Collection

All images c/o Oliver Smith. This sponsored post is brought to you by Oliver Smith Jeweler.


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