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8 Best Silk Pillowcases, According to Hairstylists

8 Best Silk Pillowcases, According to Hairstylists


A silk pillowcase might feel like an unnecessary luxury, but we’d consider it a practical workhorse in any hair-care routine, helping to reduce frizz and prevent breakage, all while you sleep.

As someone who rarely takes the extra time for hair serums, masks, or repairing treatments, a silk pillowcase is a low-effort solution I can get behind. I started using a silk pillowcase about a decade ago, and haven’t looked back since.

But with so many more options on the market, shopping for a silk pillowcase now might feel a bit intimidating. So, we tapped hairstylists for their advice and recommendations for the best silk pillowcase for your hair.

What are silk pillowcases?

Hairstylists recommend looking for a silk pillowcase made from 100% mulberry silk, the industry standard. Produced from the cocoons of silkworms who feed on mulberry leaves, mulberry silk is both soft and durable. It’s graded using numbers (2-6) and letters (A-C), with 6A being the highest quality and most expensive.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the momme, which, similar to thread count, describes the silk’s weight and density. The higher the momme—the average momme count is 19, but you can find options going all the way up to 30—the softer and more expensive your silk pillowcase will be.

“Silk pillowcases tend to be a touch expensive but definitely worth the investment from my experience,” says Monica Meletio, a hairstylist at Noodwyck, a sustainability focused salon in Brooklyn, NY. “Something that is important to me is that silk is a relatively sustainable fabric which I always consider when offsetting the prices. Silk is a natural, renewable resource and can biodegrade which is not common in synthetic fiber productions,” explains Meletio, who has also studied textile design and production.

What are the benefits of silk pillowcases?

Unlike linen and cotton, silk is less porous and absorbs less moisture, keeping hair hydrated, says Tiffany Fodor, a hairstylist at Beauty Supply in New York City. “The reduced friction can result in less tangling and breakage,” Fodor adds.

“Using a silk pillowcase is amazing for your hair health,” seconds celebrity hairstylist Mia Santiago, adding that switching to a silk pillowcase can help tame frizziness. Switching to silk can be particularly helpful in reducing frizz in the winter months when the air is dry, Meletio says.

In addition to the hair benefits, silk also helps keep you cool at night thanks to its natural temperature-regulating fibers and is great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, Santiago says. Not only do silk pillowcases prevent tugging and creasing in the skin, but they keep skin moisturized, unlike other materials that can absorb your skin-care products.

What hair types can benefit from a silk pillowcase?

“I think every texture of hair can benefit from a silk pillow in different ways,” Fodor says. For example, if you have curly hair a silk pillowcase will help with frizz, while those with fine hair might find it especially useful for preventing breakage, she says.

“I always recommend silk pillowcases for my curl clients so they can avoid their hair getting tangled or knotty in their sleep,” says Meletio.

She also adds that those with chemically processed hair, which can lead to hair that’s dry and brittle, might particularly benefit from using a silk pillowcase that prevents the hair’s natural oils from being absorbed.

What silk pillowcases do hairstylists recommend?

Many hairstylists, like Fodor, say you can’t go wrong as long as you’re choosing an option made of 100% silk, whether that’s a vintage find or one of the brands below.

We asked hairstylists to share their favorite options for silk—and silk alternative—pillow cases across price points that will keep your hair silky, moisturized, and frizz-free.

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Slip Queen Zippered Pillowcase ($89)

Slip helped put the concept of using silk pillowcases for its beauty benefits on the map a decade ago and is backed by celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin, an ambassador for the brand. In addition to offering a huge range of styles (including multiple colors, prints, zippered and non-zippered options, and queen and king sizes), their Slipsilk fabric is made from 6A 100% mulberry silk with a 22 momme thickness. Based on my own experience (I’ve used the same pillowcase since 2016), the fabric is seriously luxurious and durable.

BUY NOW – $89

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Ethical Silk Company’s Mulberry Silk Pillowcase ($65)

Meletio recommends this 100% mulberry silk pillowcase, which has a momme weight of 19, and is available in both a queen and king size. Unlike traditional silk products, Ethical Silk Company uses a production process where the silk is taken from the cocoon after the moth has already left it. As a result, it has a matte rather than shiny finish. The brand doesn’t use any dyes or chemicals to whiten or color their pillowcases, which is why they’re available in one creamy, ivory hue.

BUY NOW – $65

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Tafts Silk Pillowcase ($50)

Raphael Roque, a hairstylist at Rob Peetoom salon in Brooklyn, NY recommends Tafts silk pillowcase. While it’s more affordable than others on this list, it’s still made from top-quality 22-momme mulberry silk, he says. It comes in a zippered or envelope style and in both a standard queen and king size and 18 different color options.

BUY NOW – $50

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Quince 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase ($40)

Quince’s silk pillowcase is another high-quality yet affordable client favorite, Meletio says. Like many other options on this list, the brand’s silk pillowcases are made from 100% mulberry silk with a momme of 22—and they’re also machine washable. The pillowcase has a zipper closure, comes in 12 elevated hues, and in two different sizes. Best of all, the brand has a 365-day return policy.

BUY NOW – $40

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Kitsch Satin Pillowcase ($19)

Santiago loves Kitch’s satin pillowcases—which come in tons of patterns and colors—if you’re looking for a budget- and vegan-friendly alternative to silk. Satin, which is made from synthetic materials, such as rayon or polyester, doesn’t require the same harvesting of silkworm cocoons. While it doesn’t have all of silk’s natural benefits, it offers a similar hair-smoothing effect. Bonus: It’s machine washable if you don’t have the patience for the more delicate hand washing that many silk pillowcases require.

BUY NOW – $19

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Strobe Silk Pillowcase ($85)

Stroke Silk’s pillowcase is one of Santiago’s go-tos. “The 22 momme, 6A 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcase has a soft and luxurious feel. I love that it has a hidden zipper too so it doesn’t slip off!” she says. It’s available in a standard/queen size in a whopping nine colorways.

BUY NOW – $85

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Moonchild Sleep Silk Pillowcase ($214)

Meletio is also a fan of Moonchild Sleep’s silk pillowcases, handmade from 6A, 22 momme, 100% mulberry silk from Como, Italy. While it’s the priciest silk pillowcase option on this list, the silk is certified organic and made with a cruelty-free, ethical process that allows the silkworms to complete their metamorphosis into moths before harvesting their cocoons.

BUY NOW – $214

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Philip B Silky Smooth Pillowcase ($68)

Philip B’s champagne-colored pillowcase looks and feels similar to the real thing. It’s made from rPET—a recycled plastic—making it another vegan-friendly option. The fibers are less absorbent than cotton, helping hair stay smooth and hydrated. “This pillowcase not only helps prevent breakage and frizziness in the hair, but also helps preserve your blowout or hairstyle overnight,” Santiago says.

BUY NOW – $68


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