Home beauty A New Approach to Healthy and Fuller Hair: Anchoring Your Strands

A New Approach to Healthy and Fuller Hair: Anchoring Your Strands

A New Approach to Healthy and Fuller Hair: Anchoring Your Strands


Many women dealing with hair loss often find themselves on an endless quest for a solution. It can be disheartening to see your hair shedding in the bathroom, accumulating in your hairbrush, and falling onto your pillow, especially when you’re trying to preserve the hair you have as it thins. NULASTIN® steps into the picture as a brand making waves with its unique formulations, including a groundbreaking hair-anchoring system. To better understand how NULASTIN helps maintain healthy, fuller hair and prevents hair loss during the aging process or hormonal changes, we sat down with NULASTIN’s chief scientific officer, Felipe Jimenez, PhD, to explore the science behind their innovative products for regaining—and keeping—vibrant, fuller hair.

Understanding the Science

Picture your hair follicles as tiny trees firmly rooted in the ground. Just as strong roots anchor trees to the soil, elastic fibers act like robust ropes securing hair to your scalp. Dr. Jimenez explains, “NULASTIN’s products supplement biodesigned elastin, the main building-block of elastic fibers that anchor hair follicles to the skin.”

NULASTIN products parallel the concept of providing nutrients to the soil around those trees. They nurture and strengthen the “soil” of your scalp by supplying it with biodesigned elastin, which functions like the strongest and most resilient ropes, securing your hair follicles to your scalp, much like tree roots in the ground.

What Sets NULASTIN Apart?

Dr. Jimenez highlights a critical difference between NULASTIN and other hair-loss solutions. “Think of elastin as the foundation of a strong building. Just as a sturdy foundation supports a solid structure, elastin is essential for anchoring your hair to your scalp. Scientific evidence has shown that conditions like MACS Syndrome, which reduce elastin production, can lead to hair loss and saggy, wrinkled skin. Additionally, studies have revealed that changes in elastin structure play a pivotal role in male pattern baldness. NULASTIN’s products are unique because they focus on rejuvenating this essential elastin ‘foundation’ for your hair follicles.”

Promoting Hair Health and Growth

At the core of NULASTIN’s approach lies a simple yet profound belief: A strong root system is the key to nurturing healthy hair growth. “Our products play a crucial role in preventing premature hair loss by strengthening the essential elastin ‘foundation’ that secures your hair to the scalp,” Dr. Jimenez elaborates. What’s even more remarkable is that NULASTIN’s hair-anchoring system not only guards against hair loss but actively encourages the natural growth of healthier, more vibrant hair.

NULASTIN’s products are suitable for all hair types. Dr. Jimenez assures, “Our products have been rigorously tested and proven safe for use on all hair types and textures. You’ll start noticing changes in as little as four to six weeks. The best outcomes emerge after 12 weeks of applying our products twice daily.”

When it comes to usage, “Apply it twice daily, whether your hair is damp or dry,” Dr. Jimenez recommends. It’s a simple, quick addition to your daily routine that can lead to transformative results.

Sustaining Healthy, Fuller Hair

Leah Garcia, founder and CEO shares the remarkable findings from their recent 12-week blind clinical study, underscoring the effectiveness of their products. “The HAIR Vibrant Scalp Treatment with Elastaplex®, for instance, is clinically proven to activate within just six weeks and double results in 12 weeks, with 72 percent of participants witnessing visible improvements in hair thickness,” she shares. “NULASTIN’s Lash Follicle Fortifying Serum boasts a 93 percent enhancement in eyelash thickness and an 83 percent increase in eyelash length over 12 weeks.” Meanwhile, their Brow Shape Altering Serum triples results in 12 weeks, with 97 percent of participants experiencing noticeable improvements in eyebrow thickness and size.

These outcomes are a testament to NULASTIN’s transformative power, offering the promise of vibrant, healthy hair and lashes. With each application, visualize that robust root system. Much like the sturdy roots of trees, securely anchoring your hair to your scalp. This daily practice will serve as a reminder of your journey toward healthier, more resilient hair


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