Home beauty An Expert Cheat Sheet for Glossy Hair

An Expert Cheat Sheet for Glossy Hair

An Expert Cheat Sheet for Glossy Hair


Heat Protectant

A way to prime hair for heat-styling, protectants create a barrier between delicate strands and hot styling tools. Smoothing down the cuticle, they lock in moisture and reduce telltale signs of heat damage, including dullness.

For celebrity hairstylist Johnny Lavoy, glossy hair starts with a good protectant, applied liberally. “For blowouts, I love using the Color Wow Dream Coat to provide slick, humidity- proof shine,” he says. “Apply it generously to your wet hair and then blow-dry for high gloss.”

One to Try:

Color Wow Extra Strength Dream Coat ($28) is lightweight, yet designed to waterproof dry and curly hair types against even the strongest humidity to keep them smooth as glass.


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