Home jewelry Bejewel your floor with a gemstone rug

Bejewel your floor with a gemstone rug

Bejewel your floor with a gemstone rug


Do you have a gemstone rug in your house, my darlings? Because I don’t…and now that I know that these beauties exist, that feels like a huge problem. Don’t our homes deserve adornment, too?

One of the hazards of being a jewelry lover is that it can take over your whole life’s aesthetic. You end up wanting a sparkly phone case, you own a diamond-shaped ice cube mold, and it’s never enough: you know there are more places you could adorn with gem motifs and you want them allll.

Did I say hazard? I meant benefit. Upgrading your day-to-day visuals to include gemstones and jewelry motifs will only make you happier and your home more beautiful. At least, that’s how my diamond-shaped ice cube molds and I see it.

I love these gem rugs from Wear the House

Wear the House is a new-to-me brand that I recently discovered through social media. I was scrolling when a gemstone rug happened across my feed and I immedicably needed to know more. Their bright colors gorgeously geometry, and wonderfully playfulness captured my heart.

Just look at them! Why don’t I already have a trail of gems leading into my house from my front door?

I want a gemstone rug! These three gem rugs are by Wear the House.

Each Wear the House gemstone rug is made from 100% New Zealand wool, hand-tufted by artisans. They come in a variety of colors, from pastel to vibrant to multicolor, and they can be personized with custom text across the gem too. (Wouldn’t that be absolutely perfect for a jewelry store’s décor?)

Prices for these ravishing gemstone rugs start around $250, so they’re waaayyyyyyy more budget-friendly than covering your floor in actual gemstones. Probably much softer on the footsies, too.

A beautiful purple pear shaped gemstone rug from Wear the House

So there you have it! Who else is now in love with Wear the House’s work and dreaming of which gemstone rug you’d like to add to your own house?

I definitely have a few favorites already. I think the DitL office may just be in for a décor refresh in the near future.

A lineup of gemstone rugs from Wear the House

Images c/o Wear the House.


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