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Benefits and How to Use Them

Benefits and How to Use Them


When it comes to buzzy beauty ingredients, ceramides are having a moment. From being the go-to skin-health must for many brands, products and experts, the “magic” ingredient can do no wrong. But there still might be one unexplored territory for the star to make some moves. “Now that we know the benefits of ceramides in skin care, I think they are about to get more attention in hair care,” says Dallas dermatologist Elizabeth Bahar Houshmand, MD. “They really are a great ingredient.”

Featured Experts

  • Elizabeth Bahar Houshmand, MD is a board-certified dermatologist in Dallas
  • Harry Josh is a celebrity hairstylist and KERASILK ambassador

How do ceramides in hair products work?

According to Dr. Houshmand, there’s not that big of a difference between how the ingredients works in the hair versus the skin. “Ceramides in the hair and in the skin act like an adhesive to hold things together,” she explains. “They help to form a protective layer in the hair to strengthen the hair cuticle and maintain hydration within the hair fiber. Ceramides are fatty acids, these are found  in the cuticle, the outermost layer, of each hair shaft. These fat molecules act as a protective film on your hair fibers. By keeping the cuticle closed, ceramides help to retain moisture and prevent any external damage so the hair won’t break off.”

It’s the “closed cuticle” factor that celebrity hairstylist and KERASILK ambassador Harry Josh says, quite simply, makes hair look and feel better. “When you have a closed cuticle it, in turn, can strengthen hair, protect from external damage, improve texture and restore and maintain moisture. Plus, he explains, all the “stuff” we do to our strands in the day-to-day does’t really help. “Over time, hair gets damaged from over washing, color treatments, heat styling and more, which can eliminate our existing, natural ceramides, opening the cuticle,” says Josh. “When the cuticle is closed, the hair can retain moisture and avoid damage to the hair cortex, which, as mentioned above, strengthens hair, protects from further damage, improves texture, and adds shine.”

What does a lack of ceramides in the hair look like?

Similar to the skin, ceramides in hair care help with dry, frizzy hair and can help prevent further damage. “Daily heat styling, sun exposure, and color/highlight treatments can deplete our naturally occurring ceramides in the hair,” says Dr. Houshmand. “When you have less ceramides your hair will look drier and frizzy. If you add back ceramides to the hair via a treatment, the hair cuticle can be resealed for softer and smoother hair.”

The best hair products with ceramides

Dr. Houshmand says it’s not the hard to find great hair-care options at all price points, and offers up some of her favorites below.

5 / 5

KERASILK Liquid Cuticle Filler ($34)

Likewise, Josh lists KERASILK Liquid Cuticle Filler ($34) as a product he loves. “It provides long-lasting structural recovery and refinement of the hair cuticle, rebuilding and optimizing the hair surface and creating shine.”

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