Home sports Brian Hoyer Reacts To Johnny Manziel’s Comments About Him

Brian Hoyer Reacts To Johnny Manziel’s Comments About Him

Brian Hoyer Reacts To Johnny Manziel’s Comments About Him


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - DECEMBER 10: Brian Hoyer #7 of the Las Vegas Raiders reacts before the game against the Minnesota Vikings at Allegiant Stadium on December 10, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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The Cleveland Browns haven’t been able to find much success at the quarterback position.

Their woes go a long way back, with over 30 different players starting at quarterback since the team resumed operations 25 years ago.

Notably, some expected Johnny Manziel to be the guy who could finally put a stop to the revolving door.

Obviously, that wasn’t the case.

Now, the former Texas A&M superstar looked back to his playing days and revealed some interesting things in a tell-all interview with Shannon Sharpe for Club Shay Shay.

Among the many things, he admitted that his QB room with the Browns was far from welcoming during his rookie season, and he blamed Brian Hoyer for it.

He stated that Hoyer knew how much of an edge he had over him at that point in his career, so he pretty much bullied him and mocked him every time he tried to ask a question.

With that in mind, the former veteran backup claimed that he didn’t remember things being that way.

Talking on Good Morning Football, Hoyer admitted that he did feel like he had an opportunity to start for his hometown team, so he was obviously trying to compete.

Perhaps this situation could’ve been avoided or fixed with a more hands-on approach by the coaching staff.

A veteran QB is under no obligation to mentor his replacement, and athletes are competitive; we get that.

Then again, the Browns should’ve gone the extra mile to make sure their potential franchise QB had everything he needed to succeed, including the appropriate mentorship and workplace environment.

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