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Britney Spears Dislikes Professional Laser Treatment

Britney Spears Dislikes Professional Laser Treatment


We can always count on Britney Spears to keep it candid when it comes to cosmetic treatments. In a since-deleted Instagram post shared on Sunday, March 31, the 42-year-old opened up about her experience getting a laser treatment—and why she likely won’t be making another appointment.

The mom of two got vulnerable with fans, admitting, “I haven’t been really good with my self-care,” she wrote in the post. “I haven’t done my nails in two months and I did my first ever laser treatment for my face only a week ago.” The kicker? “It kinda hurt though,” she added, declaring she’s “not a fan.”

The princess of pop didn’t specify the particular laser treatment she underwent, but it’s widely known that such procedures can be uncomfortable. Some popular types include AviClear (for acne), Clear + Brilliant (for anti-aging), and Fraxel (for resurfacing). The level of discomfort varies by procedure, and in some cases, a numbing cream is applied to help manage it.

This isn’t the first cosmetic procedure Spears has expressed her distaste for. In August 2023, the singer shared an Instagram reel declaring she would “never again” get Botox. Her main complaint? Unexpectedly dealing with two weeks worth of swelling. In her experience, one eye was “black and blue and way higher than the other.”

“To pay that much money to look like someone beat you up for the first two weeks? What’s the point?” she wrote.

While professional cosmetic treatments are more effective than at-home ones, Spears appears to prefer needle-free options that can be done in the comfort of her own home. In the same Instagram reel in which she swore off Botox, she touted the benefits of the SiO Beauty BrowLift Forehead Anti-Wrinkle Patch (originally $30, now $26).

The SiO Beauty BrowLift Forehead Anti-Wrinkle Patch is a reusable treatment made from medical-grade silicone that sticks to the skin. It’s meant to be worn overnight to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with consistent use. “I’m sharing this because it actually really does work,” Spears told followers.

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Whether Spears’ preference for at-home treatments influences your decisions regarding professional treatments or not, perhaps her larger message is about embracing our natural appearance. After all, Spears often uses Instagram to open up about her personal insecurities—and what she’s learned from them—with her 42 million followers.

One of her most impactful posts to date was from September 2020, when she took to the platform to talk about the toxic beauty standards she’s dealt with in Hollywood.

“Growing up in Hollywood can be hard !!!! It’s all about looks …. and the press can be pretty mean,” Spears wrote in the post, rattling off questions she often faces: ‘“why does she look so old” … “why does she look so young” … “why is she too big” … “why is she too skinny.”

“As Selena Gomez says ….. the world can be a nasty place … kill them with kindness,” she concluded.


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