Home beauty Can Self Tanner On Your Scalp Make Your Hair Look Thicker?

Can Self Tanner On Your Scalp Make Your Hair Look Thicker?

Can Self Tanner On Your Scalp Make Your Hair Look Thicker?


No matter your age, gender or lifestyle, thinning hair can impact anyone at any time. Whether it’s hormonal changes from pregnancy or menopause, genetics, or even just the stress of daily life, hair loss and hair thinning can strike at a moment’s notice, and the aftermath takes a toll on one’s confidence and well being.

Luckily, today, there are countless solutions to help restore thinning hair or aid in hair growth, from over-the-counter serums and supplements to in-office procedures and treatments. The downside to many of these effective methods, though, is that they take time. As a result, individuals with thinning hair are often looking for a quick, even temporary fix for spare strands, and the latest TikTok trend to cover those bases involves self tanning your scalp.

Can Self Tanner in Your Hair Help Make It Look Thicker?

In search of a quick fix for the appearance thinning hair, one TikTok user, @gettysburg.picnics, took to the app to show followers how she uses self tanner to create a thicker-looking mane, and users everywhere were intrigued. While brushing the self-tanning product into her scalp, the user explains that she puts the product in her hair to help make her scalp darker and create a fuller look when she wears her hair up.

TikTok: gettysburg.picnics

If you take a look at the comments on the video, it’s immediately clear how many individuals struggle with hair loss, as comments about needing a solution for thinning hair were all over the comment section. While many users were eager to see the results—one writing “update please. this might be brilliant”—others have reservations. One user—a hairstylist—for example, wrote, “hairstylist here, your scalp won’t look darker, it will look orange and flakey once it wears off,” and recommends using a root powder or tinted dry shampoo instead.


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