Home beauty Carey Mulligan Swears By This At-Home Laser

Carey Mulligan Swears By This At-Home Laser

Carey Mulligan Swears By This At-Home Laser


In today’s ever-expanding world of skin care, there are pretty much at-home options for most high-end skin-care treatments. While nothing can truly replace an in-office treatment, the options for fostering healthy, glowing skin at home are pretty tried and true.

As of late, at-home lasers have began to take the top spot amongst A-listers who are passionate about great skin. From Sofia Richie Grainge to Lily Collins and, most recently, Carey Mulligan, at-home lasers have become the go-to for radiant skin. At 38, Mulligan doesn’t look a day over 20 and, thanks to Vogue Beauty Secrets, we know that this viral at-home laser is in part to thank.

The Laser Mulligan Uses to Prep For Parent Teacher Conferences

Vogue‘s iconic Beauty Secrets series has let us in on the products and treatments behind several of our favorite celebrities iconic looks, and Mulligan’s appearance in the YouTube series revealed to viewers that she’s the latest proponent of the mega-popular Lyma Laser ($2,695).

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After applying her skin care—“I love doing skin care and I spend as much time as I can before I’m interrupted by a child or my husband to go somewhere. It feels like such a luxury to spend time not talking to anyone,” she joked—Mulligan explained to Vogue that the Lyma Laser has quickly become a staple in her routine. “A couple of years ago, I got the Lyma Laser, which was basically my Oscars present to myself,” she explained, but the product has since become a non-negotiable: “this goes everywhere with me,” she explains.


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