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Experts Explain The New, Trending Color for Fall

Experts Explain The New, Trending Color for Fall


TikTok has become the hotspot for the creation of all things trends, from makeup to nails and, of course, hair. With the advancement of AI technology, TikTok filters have become a common resource for users looking to experiment with different hair colors, further solidifying the app as a hub for the emergence of viral styles. Most recently, “cowboy copper” hair has taken over the app, and users have created fairly accurate filters for trying out the red-toned style on their own, particularly those with blonde hair.

A more subtle take on classic red hair, “cowboy copper” has won the hearts of many with its multi-dimensional blend of red, brunette and golden shades. But, as we all know, making a hair change, especially with color, is not as simple as trying on a filter, so we consulted the experts to find out everything you need to know about going “cowboy copper” for fall.

What is cowboy copper hair?

“I’ve been creating cowboy copper hair color since long before we called it cowboy or cowgirl copper, but I’m here for the current trend as coppers are one of my favorite looks to create,” says celebrity colorist Chad Kenyon. As Kenyon noted, cowboy copper or copper-toned hair in general is no new phenomenon, so what is it that makes this social media-trend so unique? The main difference, as celebrity colorist Rita Hazan explains, is that “[cowboy copper] has a little brown hue to it, so it’s not so vibrant.” Hazan continued on to explain that “there are many shades of cowboy copper, some lighter and brighter, some more brown and rich, but regular copper tends to be brighter and more intense in color as opposed to the more subdued cowboy copper.”

The Appointment: What to Ask For

Simply asking your stylist for cowboy copper hair might not be enough to get the shade you want, so Kenyon urges clients to be as specific as possible. “If you’re going to the salon and are unsure of precisely what to ask for, tell them that you want cowboy copper, but be much more specific than that,” Kenyon beings. “Ask your colorist for a level 6 or 6.5 double or triple cooper with added in gold and even less neutral—an additional possibility is adding in level 7 highlights on top of the global color if you want more ‘movement’. I would steer clear of actually adding red to the formula as very few ‘redheads’ actually have red in their hair, generally it’s copper and gold or gold and copper. Also mention that you don’t wish to have violet or purple in the formula. Personally, I don’t use violet in my copper formulas as I think it looks less expensive, less polished and less rich.”

Copper and Your Skin Tone

As with any hair color, considering how the shade will compliment or contrast your skin tone plays an important role in deciding if a trend is right for you. Luckily, Kenyon explains that this trend to look good on most skin tones, but it is still important to consider your undertones to make sure you get the perfect mixture for you. “Cowboy copper can look fantastic on almost anyone when making subtle formula adjustments for specific skin tones,” says Kenyon. “For example, someone with very golden or yellow skin might require a smaller amount of gold so they don’t look washed out, whereas for a client with very pink skin, I would add in more gold as gold added to the copper will compliment the pink skin tone.”


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