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Five Fun Things I Noticed With My Sister and Dad

Five Fun Things I Noticed With My Sister and Dad


Mendocino beach views

Mendocino beach views

This past weekend, I visited my twin sis and dad, and we drove up to Mendocino, California…

Vega pizza

But first! When I arrived, I grabbed a quick dinner with Paul’s brother and his wife. We ordered two pizzas to share, and one was topped with a fried egg — I had forgotten how delicious eggs are on pizza. Here’s a recipe, if you’re in the mood.

Mendocino beach views

Then we drove up north and took walks along the coast. Damn, Mendocino is gorgeous with its salty wind and smell of wildflowers.

Blair hotel Mendocino

We stayed at the Blair Hotel in town. The 1888 Victorian’s exterior appeared as Jessica Fletcher’s home in Murder, She Wrote, but I was even more taken by the bedrooms. How gorgeous are those patterns on patterns on patterns?

Blair hotel Mendocino

I mean!!! (I tracked down the wallpaper, if anyone’s curious.)

Blair hotel Mendocino

This was my dad’s cozy bedroom…

sea animals wallpaper scalamandre

…and his bathroom wallpaper.

Blair hotel Mendocino

We snooped around the other rooms, too, but we liked ours the best, haha.

casino bar and grill bodega

We spent the weekend taking cliff walks, browsing in bookstores, eating fish tacos, gossiping about our family, admiring redwoods, and pulling over when I got carsick on Route 1!

Frasier cartoon by Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell

We also watched Frasier reruns at the hotel every night, which is secretly one of my favorite parts of traveling.

Joanna and Lucy

teary dad

My dad’s eyes when we said goodbye made my heart melt. Our family has always lived far apart, and I feel so grateful whenever we get to spend time together.

What about you? What little things have you been noticing and enjoying lately? I’d love to hear…

P.S. My trick to enjoying family travel, and what’s your #1 travel tip?

(Frasier cartoon by Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell.)


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