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Free Agent Calls Out NBA Players Over Load Management

Free Agent Calls Out NBA Players Over Load Management


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The NBA is trying something different after it became clear that load management in the league has become a problem, with star players resting too often when they’re able to play.

With fans paying their hard-earned money to watch their favorite players and those players choosing not to play in order to rest for another game down the road or for another reason, there’s no telling when star players will play these days.

The league has clearly gotten sick of this and all the valid complaints from fans, so the NBA will fine teams moving forward if more than two star players are resting for games.

Obviously, this will become a complicated issue if these players are legitimately hurt and unable to play, but it could also help with the problem, with load management potentially becoming a thing of the past.

NBA veteran Enes Freedom recently chimed in on this generation of NBA players, which he feels have gotten soft these days, as he told FOX News via ClutchPoints.

Along with the new rule to fine teams for resting star players, the league has also made a drastic change to the requirements to be eligible for record-season awards.

No player in the league can be eligible for regular-season awards like NBA MVP and Defensive Player of the Year, among others, without playing a minimum of 65 regular-season games.

This is also a tactic to motivate players to play in more games, as this will now impact their wallets, as NBA awards and All-NBA Team selections can be used to get bigger contracts.

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