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Fresh’s Black Tea Eye Cream Is Back and Better Than Ever

Fresh’s Black Tea Eye Cream Is Back and Better Than Ever


While some can get away with using moisturizer to hydrate their under-eyes, mine are consistently dark and puffy (thank you, genetics and motherhood) so they need some extra TLC. I’ve tried dozens of eye creams this year alone, but haven’t found one that impressed me enough to stick with—until now.

Overall my skin tends to be dry and dehydrated, especially during the winter when it can feel tight and get especially flaky. This also applies to my under-eyes. Beyond that, I have a family history of eye bags, am in my mid-thirties and have two small children who love to wake up before the sun. I’m all too familiar with the “you look tired” comments. In an eye cream, I want an extra boost of hydration, brightening and de-puffing.

A beloved eye cream, new and improved

A big complaint I have about under-eye products is the feel. Serums aren’t for me, I find the consistency ends up too sticky. Most creams I’ve tried feel too thin and slick all at once. Others are so fragranced my eyes immediately burn. I was resigned to using an eye cream that met my bare minimum, until I tried fresh’s new and improved Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Cream ($72). The first thing I noticed was the velvet-like texture. The product doesn’t feel heavy, it feels luxurious, and it’s a breeze to blend. I’m already impressed, but it gets better.




Fresh’s Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Cream has been reformulated to include BT Matrix™, a blend of antioxidant black tea and rambutan leaf extracts that delivers retinol-like results. Simply put, less wrinkles and firmer skin, without irritation. It also includes the holy grail of skin brighteners, vitamin C, and wild ginger extract to reduce the look of dark circles and under-eye bags. Dabbing it on I picked up on a subtle, refreshing whiff of black tea. I normally prefer my skincare fragrance-free, but this was the perfect amount of scent to make the whole experience feel extra luxe.

As I’ve continued to use it my under-eyes are looking brighter and brighter. And while I still need to wear wear concealer to get the wide-awake look I want, it blends seamlessly and I’m using less of it. I’ve also noticed the fine lines under my eyes are less noticeable and my usual under-eye puffiness has improved. There’s no doubt I’ll be using this eye cream till the very last drop.


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