Home jewelry Happy rainbow pearls to make you smile.

Happy rainbow pearls to make you smile.

Happy rainbow pearls to make you smile.


Over the past year or so, I’ve been increasingly drawn to vibrant, playful, happy styles. There’s a bit of 90’s nostalgia there (I was a Limited Too fanatic back in the day) but also I think it’s pretty easy to understand why I’ve felt the need for a happiness boost since 2020ish.

Today we’re going to look at rainbow pearls! I don’t mean that pearls are different colors – this style is usually done with creamy white pearls – but pearls paired with rainbow elements in different ways. It’s a wonderfully whimsical take on an iconic jewelry classic. Just what the doctor ordered for a little wearable joy.

Happy rainbow pearls to make you smile.

I love this long rainbow pearl necklace from Mined + Found! Freshwater hand-knotted pearls on rainbow silk.

I discovered Mined + Found recently when the brand sent me some images for a magazine feature. Their rainbow pearls are subtle and clever and oh so pretty. Rather than adding color with beads or gems, Mined + Found knots their pearls on vibrant rainbow silk, which creates a series of breathtaking bright peekaboo color between each pearl.

This is such a creative joyful take on the classic pearl necklace and I find it absolutely delightful. It’s also subtle and elegant enough that you could wear it in almost any situation.

This rainbow pearl bracelet from Mined + Found features hand-knotted freshwater pearls on rainbow silk.

With freshwater pearls on hand-knotted rainbow silk and real gold findings, Mined + Found is one of the more luxe interpretations of the rainbow pearl trend. It’s not cheap, but it won’t break the bank either: prices start around $200ish. They offer a variety of options, from classic style bracelets and necklaces as well as pieces with just one larger pearl on bare rainbow silk.

The brand also makes similar rainbow silk styles with opal or quartz beads and it’s super cool!

Visit Mined + Found here.

Rainbow pearls! This rainbow bead and pearl necklace is from Pearls by Mimmi.

This necklace is from Pearls by Mimmi, an artist based in Norway. I own this piece and I love it! (Here’s my unboxing.) I was drawn to this rainbow pearl necklace because I loved the color combination, the oblong shapes of the pearls, and the size variation between the beads and the pearls. They also offer similar styles in a variety of colorways, including blues, monochrome black/white, and bold primary colors.

I also loved that Pearls by Mimmi allowed for custom length ordering. Many of the rainbow pearl necklaces on Etsy or similar places are tiny chokers meant for trendy teens, 14-15 inches in length. My preferred necklace length is 18-20 inches, and the artist was happy to send me a custom 18 inch version of this beauty. I’ve been very happy with it.

Rainbow pearls! This rainbow bead and pearl bracelet is from Pearls by Mimmi. I love the touch of gold!

Here’s a bracelet from the same artist with a slightly different colorway. This one is more of a traditional rainbow but with some gold thrown in for sparkle. Understated enough to wear casually but still bright and happy.

Pearls by Mimmi’s rainbow pearl necklaces and bracelets are in the $20 – $50 range. Shipping from Norway to the US isn’t especially quick, but it was worth the wait to get exactly what I wanted.

Visit Pearls by Mimmi here.

The Coco baroque pearl bracelet by Fry Powers. I love these cheerful rainbow pearls!

Fry Powers is one of the OGs of the rainbow pearl trend. Their Coco collection uses gorgeously lumpy baroque pearls and rainbow enamel beads for a lush, organic look with pops of glossy color. These beauties have a lot more pearl than rainbow, making the pop of color a subtle one.

Fry Powers currently offers this style as a short collar necklace, long necklaces (34 inches), a bracelet, and an anklet. You could wear them with anything…rainbow pearl is basically a neutral, don’t you think?

Long rainbow pearl necklace and colorful enamel and pearl rings from Fry Powers.

I love that Fry Powers offers a long necklace. And I couldn’t resist including those colorful enamel and pearl rings, even though they’re not technically a rainbow on their own. Aren’t they great together??

These lovely baroque pearls and enamel beads mean that these rainbow pearls are solidly above average in luxury and they are priced accordingly ($300ish-$500ish).

Visit Fry Powers here.

Rainbow pearls by Mined + Found

What do you think of these rainbow pearls, my dear? Are you into it or do you prefer a more traditional pearl approach? Do you have any favorites here?

The rainbow pearl trend is on the summery side, but I do think that this bright, happy aesthetic could be translated into fall and winter too. I always love wearing bright colors in the colder months! My winter coat is electric Barbie pink.

See more rainbow jewelry here, more posts about pearls here or visit my Pearl Jewelry Pinterest board here.

All photos are c/o the maker of each piece.


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