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Intro: the NYC Jewelry and Object Show

Intro: the NYC Jewelry and Object Show


Mark your calendars now, because the first ever NYC Jewelry and Object Show is coming to Manhattan November 16-19th!

Created by a jewelry lover for jewelry lovers, this brand new jewelry show will showcase dealers from around the world offering some of the best and most interesting vintage, antique, and estate jewelry and objects around.

The Autumn NYC Jewelry and Object Show is happening in November 2023!!

Most of the antique jewelry shows you’ve heard of are legacy projects that have been happening the same way year after year with very little innovation. Whether you’re a dealer exhibiting at those shows or a shopper hunting for treasures, you know that these old shows can start to feel a bit…clunky.

Because the NYC Jewelry and Object Show was created by a jewelry dealer who is also a collector, it takes both dealers’ and shoppers’ needs into consideration. Organized by KIL Promotions (LLC), the new event was created by a familiar figure we know and love here at DitL: antique jewelry dealer and jewelry designer Konstantinos Leoussis.

What makes the NYC Jewelry and Object show different?

It’s common for big jewelry shows to nickel and dime vendors by charging large fees for access to electricity, cases, prime locations, and other essentials. This effectively makes it impossible for small vendors to participate – and also means that it’s harder for vendors to make a profit.

The NYC Jewelry and Object Show’s vendor fees start at thousands of dollars lower than other shows, making it possible for small and independent dealers to exhibit there.

Even better: KIL Promotions (LLC) will be using part of the show’s proceeds to create two new educational scholarships.

KIL N.Y.C. booth during a jewelry show

Tell me more!

Promotion is a huge priority for the show, with outreach targeting three key groups: social-media savvy young people who can drive traffic, serious retail/wholesale reps from around the world to make purchases, and a wide variety of global media and press for further reach.

Strategic marketing means that the show will unite the full range of the jewelry industry’s thriving, glorious, widespread community, while the vendor support system and low fees will attract an unprecedented array of large and small dealers from around the world, including those who don’t normally do shows. All of us in one place, together and doing what we love best.

Oh and did I mention that they’ll also be inviting a selection of local NYC food vendors to participate? Speaking as someone who has eaten a lot of awful convention center food, this is big news.

I’m a dealer, is it too late to sign up?

The NYC Jewelry and Object Show is still accepting vendors, sponsors, and advertisers! For more information, please visit NYCJAOS.com or fill out the appropriate contact form at this link.

What else do I need to know?

I’m going to be there!! My actual physical self, IRL and in person. It’s already on my calendar, so I’ll be roaming the aisles, hopefully scoring incredible finds and chatting with other collectors and jewelry lovers like you.

It’s all happening November 16-19, 2023 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC. Get your tickets at the NYC Jewelry and Object Show’s Eventbrite page and use code DIAMONDSINTHELIBRARY to save $5.

Introducing the NYC Jewelry and Object Show.

This sponsored post is brought to you by KIL Promotions (LLC).

The Autumn NYC Jewelry and Object Show November 2023! New antique show and jewelry show with jewelry dealers from all around the world!


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