Home sports Keyshawn Johnson Says 1 LeBron Record Will ‘Last Forever’

Keyshawn Johnson Says 1 LeBron Record Will ‘Last Forever’

Keyshawn Johnson Says 1 LeBron Record Will ‘Last Forever’


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LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers made history on Saturday night, becoming the first NBA player to score 40,000 points.

It was a major milestone and one that won’t ever be surpassed, according to Keyshawn Johnson.

On Monday’s “Undisputed,” Johnson said that James is “at another level” and that his record will now “last forever.”

He stated that because James has played so well for so long, no other NBA star will ever be able to surpass this massive total.

It is understandable why Johnson feels this way and he surely isn’t alone in thinking that James’ 40,000-point total won’t ever be topped by anyone else.

James is scoring an average of 25.3 points, 7 rebounds, and 7.9 assists per game.

And he is doing all of this at 39 years old, something truly remarkable that has never been seen before.

In order for someone to meet James at 40,000, they’d have to play at a blockbuster level for more than two decades.

While that might happen someday, it doesn’t seem like it’ll occur any time soon.

“Nobody’s gonna catch this because he’s not done,” Johnson added, bringing up the very good point that James is probably going to be in the league for at least a couple more seasons.

That means that he will just be piling more points on top of this 40,000.

When one looks at the NBA right now, they see many young players who will surely score thousands upon thousands of points.

Luka Doncic, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Joel Embiid, and others will likely enter the history books with their final point totals.

But can any of them play as well as James for so long?

If not, there is no chance that they can ever pass 40,000 points.

All records are meant to be broken but will this one ever be overcome?

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