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    LeBron James Was Asked What He’d Tell His 18-Year-Old Self

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    Long before he entered the NBA, people were already talking about LeBron James as a grown man.

    He was an 18-year-old high school kid when he embraced that ‘Chosen One’ persona, with some putting all the weight of the world on his shoulders and others wanting to watch him fail.

    Fast forward to today, and it’s safe to say that the most hyped prospect in NBA history has lived up to the expectations; some might even say he’s passed them.

    That’s why, on the night that he became the first player to score 40,000 career points, James wasn’t that fazed.

    When asked what he would say to his 18-year-old self, the 21-year veteran claimed that he was always mature enough. (via Michael Corvo and ClutchPoints).

    “I wouldn’t tell him anything, honestly, because 18-year-old LeBron had a great head on his shoulders,” James said.

    James is perhaps the most accomplished player of all time.

    James has been there and done that, and he doesn’t have anything left to prove at this point.

    Those who think he’s the GOAT won’t change their minds, and he cannot erase all those losses in the NBA Finals, so he’s not going to convince those who don’t think he’s the GOAT either.

    At this point, it’s all about making more history and breaking more records.

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