Home beauty Millie Bobbie Brown Posts Acne-Positive Selfie

Millie Bobbie Brown Posts Acne-Positive Selfie

Millie Bobbie Brown Posts Acne-Positive Selfie


In a recent Instagram post, actor and skin-care mogul Millie Bobbie Brown shares her ongoing journey with acne. At only 20 years old and in the public eye for all of her teen years, Brown is no stranger to the kind of hormonal-charged skin problems we all have experience with. Those tell-tale spots and red, painful bumps are all a part of growing up, and for Brown, they can also have an impact on confidence.

“My journey with acne is something very personal to me,” Brown writes in the Florence by Mills post. “We all deserve to feel confident & comfortable in our own skin.”

While Brown’s journey to clear skin isn’t yet completed, we can’t deny that her journey is going well. Outside of those few pesky bumps, Brown’s skin is glowing, dewy and hydrated. It’s clear that Brown takes care of her skin, and that’s the point: acne sometimes happens anyway.

Millie Bobbie Brown might be able to vote and nearly able to drink legally in the U.S., but she’s still a while away from fully leaving behind the fluctuating hormones of teendom. And even then, it’s entirely possible that she (and we) will still experience acne every now and again.

It’s one of the most common skin concerns in the world, and being honest about it can help us to feel more confident.

“I hope by sharing my experience, you feel inspired to embrace your skin & love it no matter what stage it’s in!” Brown writes.

You can learn more about how to keep your acne under control here and check out this year’s award winners in the acne category.


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