Home jewelry Monstrous beauty: KIL NYC Teras Collection.

Monstrous beauty: KIL NYC Teras Collection.

Monstrous beauty: KIL NYC Teras Collection.


Let’s talk about monsters, my darlings. Monsters bite, they slither, they go bump in the night – and they’re the inspiration for KIL NYC’s enthralling new release, the Teras Collection.

This charismatic collection is a tribute to the haunting, gorgeous monsters of ancient Greek mythology and I’m so excited to take a closer look at it with you!

The Harpy cuff bracelet in silver from KIL NYC's Teras Collecton, which is inspired by monsters from Greek mythology.

The idea for the Teras Collection came to KIL NYC’s Konstantinos Leoussis in a dream, and isn’t that just the perfect beginning for this story? Chimera, Harpies, Minotaurs, Gorgons, Hydras and more make up the clawed, winged, scaly, mysterious and absolutely alluring subject matter. After months of research, revisions, test pieces, and soul-searching, the Teras collection is here and it is glorious.

Above is the KIL NYC Harpy cuff, which is not a creature I ever expected to feel a connection to…but look at its face! There’s something a little bit sad in its soulful eyes, a spark that draws me in. With this baddy on your wrist, you’d always have a fierce guardian standing by to defend you.

The Lenerian Hydra pendant from the Teras Collection by KIL NYC. Inspired by ancient Greek mythology.

This is the Lenerian pendant, a tribute to the multi headed Hydra that Hercules was tasked to slay as part of his twelve tasks. Look at the detail on the scales and teeth! And yes, KIL NYC’s website gives the mythological backstory of every creature featured in the collection.

You may recognize Konstantinos Leoussis’ name because we recently talked about the other side of the KIL NYC designer’s business, which focuses on antique jewelry sales and education. Leoussis’ familiarity with antique jewelry makes itself known in the intricate details of these pieces. The designs feel like they occupy a liminal space between past and present, blending ancient inspiration with modern design and an in-depth awareness of archeological revival jewelry from other eras.

Rings from KIL NYC Teras Collection. Inspired by Greek mythology, these designs show Medusa, the Minotaur, and a Harpy.

Each of these detailed jewels is made fully by hand in New York City using the lost wax casting process, which begins with Leoussis painstakingly hand-carving each monster. KIL NYC is dedicated to using ethical and sustainable practices in all of its production methods, to the extent that even their packaging is carbon negative and uses biodegradable ink made from algae.

Not only does KIL NYC’s Teras Collection offer us mythological characters rarely memorialized in jewelry, it does so with an open mind, imbuing the features of each monster with such precision and heart that we’re forced to wonder if mythology might have unjustly vilified these complex, fascinating beings.

Pictured above: the Teras Collection’s Medusa, Minos, and Harpy rings.

The Argus medallion and Argus eye stud earrings from KIL NYC's Teras Collection.

When Konstantinos reached out to me to write about this collection, it was no pedestrian phone call or email. Instead, I received a box of jewelry with a note that introduced the collection and then basically said “I hope you like these! If you do, let’s talk soon.”

What was truly perfect was that I actually missed Konstantinos’s note the first time I opened the package, so I was able to experience the Teras Collection pieces for the first time with no prior expectations. I unwrapped the tissue paper and discovered tiny ruby and diamond eyes winking up at me from lush gold settings. The design was captivating, an intriguing pattern that reveals itself to be eyes only when you get closer to it. The jewelry immediately gave me a feeling of sanctuary: right away I knew that these were talismans, pieces I would reach for when I was having a hard day and wanted reassurance or protection.

I was reminded of the mythological figure Argus, but it was only after I’d opened all of the boxes and was wearing my new jewelry that I found the note from Konstantinos, explaining the collection’s inspiration. It electrified me that my own impressions of the collection had been such a spot on match for the designer’s intention. I couldn’t wait to see more.

The Chimera cuff bracelet in silver or in gold with rubies and emeralds. From KIL NYC's Teras Collecton, which is inspired by Greek mythology.

Available in a cuff bracelet or ring, this design portrays the Chimera, a fire breathing monster from Greek mythology. A lion with the body and head of a lion, the head of a goat, and with a serpent tail slain by Bellerophon.

You’ll notice the Chimera cuff is shown in two different styles. One of the coolest and most unusual things about the KIL NYC Teras Collection is that each piece can be ordered in sterling silver, 18K gold plate, or ultra luxe solid 14K gold. Many designs have optional gemstones, if you want your monster to have glowing ruby eyes or turquoise accents.

The range of options means that the Teras Collection starts under $200 for the smallest pieces in silver. It’s so unusual to find a jewelry collection that offers this kind of flexibility, which makes owning these treasures possible for a wide range of jewelry lovers.

The Arrows of Hercules pendant from KIL NYC's Teras Collection, which is inspired by Greek mythology

KIL NYC created the Arrows of Hercules pendant from silver scraps that they had in the studio to use as psychic armor. After slaying the Lenerian Hydra (which we saw above), Hercules cleverly dipped his arrows in its poison, which later made it possible for his arrows to slay another monster, the legendary Stymphalian birds. This is the only piece in the Teras Collection that doesn’t show a figural monster.

Like many of KIL NYC’s pieces, a percentage of the sales for the Arrows of Hercules pendant benefits a particular charity. For this piece, that charity is 22 Until None, an organization that is dedicated to veteran suicide prevention.

Serpent hook from KIL NYC Teras Collection. In sterling silver, gold vermeil, or 14K gold. Such a great connector piece or charm holder!

The smallest but perhaps the most versatile piece from the Teras Collection: the Scaly Serpent hook. Longtime KIL NYC fans and antique jewelry enthusiasts will understand the infinite potential of this kind of connector piece. Wear it as a pendant, as a chain extender, as a way to hold charms – this is a building block as well as a showpiece.

I own this piece’s predecessor from an earlier KIL NYC collection (see it on IG here) and I love love love it.

The silver Arrows of Hercules pendant from KIL NYC's Teras Collection, which is inspired by Greek mythology.

I have one more surprise for you: a discount!! If you’ve fallen in love with KIL NYC’s gorgeous monsters, you can use coupon code DIAMONDSINTHELIBRARY10 to take 10% off your purchase.

Whether you believe that monsters are really lurking in the shadows or you see them as a metaphor for the hidden corners of the human soul, you have to admit that they’re fascinating – and utterly gorgeous in KIL NYC’s Teras Collection.

There’s more to love, so go check it all out on the KIL NYC website and let me know which monster is your favorite! Click here to see our KIL NYC archive.

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