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NFL Insider Hints At Big Move Coming For Cowboys

NFL Insider Hints At Big Move Coming For Cowboys


A detail photo of a Dallas Cowboys helmet before a game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Cowboys Stadium on December 2, 2012 in Arlington, Texas.
(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)


The Dallas Cowboys were supposed to be going “all-in” this offseason.

Jerry Jones vowed to do something different to appease the fans after shockingly deciding to keep Mike McCarthy as head coach.

Thus far, the team has lost its defensive coordinator, their starting running back, two defensive ends, and one offensive lineman.

Nonetheless, as much as fans have already lost their patience and all faith in Jones and the Cowboys, NFL insider Jane Slater has good news for them.

Slater took to Twitter to claim that she had reason to believe that the Cowboys are cooking something big, so she urged the fans to stay tuned in and not give up hope.

Truth be told, it’s hard to think the Cowboys can make a move that’s big enough to put them over the top at this point in free agency.

There aren’t many star players who could be available for trade either, so perhaps they’re targeting WR Tee Higgins from the Cincinnati Bengals.

Whatever the case, the Cowboys have watched their divisional rivals and direct competitors get better while they got worse.

This team has failed to live up to the hype every single year, and they’re coming off arguably their toughest and most humiliating postseason loss in franchise history.

Then again, their lack of moves shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point, as this has the way Jerry Jones has approached free agency every single year, which is perhaps why they haven’t been to a Super Bowl in nearly three decades.

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