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P.J. Tucker Calls Out Fans Heckling Players Over Betting

P.J. Tucker Calls Out Fans Heckling Players Over Betting


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Over the last few years, gambling over NBA games has become more legal and, therefore, more popular too.

In fact, NBA games now have advertisements for gambling sites and apps, further increasing their popularity.

But it comes with a downside, according to some basketball players.

There has been an increase in the amount of heckling from fans over gambling in the NBA and P.J. Tucker has had enough of it.

“It’s getting outrageous,” Tucker said, according to NBACentral.

Unfortunately, there have been many uncomfortable occasions when fans have butted heads with players throughout the history of the NBA.

Most of the time, it’s just been because people are unhappy with their team losing.

But recently that has transformed and people in the stands are now growing more upset at times because they are losing money due to bets they have made on gambling sites and apps.

Whenever money gets involved, emotions become heightened and that can lead to very bad run-ins between fans and players.

The league hasn’t done much to prevent this, because they are welcoming the attention they are receiving due to people betting.

And the majority of people who bet on games are not acting out, but a few bad apples are spoiling the barrel.

Tucker isn’t the only person who thinks that gambling is harming the league.

In fact, Rudy Gobert recently got into hot water for suggesting that the refs are involved in betting and making money off of their own calls.

While gambling is definitely adding more excitement to the NBA, it’s also bringing some complications and challenges too.

But what can the league do to change that?

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