Home beauty Paris Hilton’s Toned Legs Are the Stars of Paris Fashion Week

Paris Hilton’s Toned Legs Are the Stars of Paris Fashion Week

Paris Hilton’s Toned Legs Are the Stars of Paris Fashion Week


There’s a lot to look at during Paris Fashion Week, from awe-inspiring sartorial choices to celebrities drawing all the cameras. Pamela Anderson going makeup-less put up a good fight for the most surprising sighting of the week. However, Paris Hilton and her sculpted legs tie the game for us. Hilton has always seemed thin and lean, so when we spotted her impressively athletic legs strutting down Mugler’s runway, we had to take a second look.

We can only hope our legs look this muscular at 42, let alone any age. Every inch of Hilton’s leg is toned like a statue from her hip to her ankle, so we did some digging to see what the star does. In addition to the physicality of being a new mother, an international DJ and constantly traveling, it seems Hilton doesn’t formally work out all that much, but she has a naturally active lifestyle and a few at-home tricks.

“I am so busy. I’m working all the time, so I don’t really have time for working out. I have a wellness center I built at my house, so I’ll do a hyperbaric chamber, and we have a cryotherapy machine, so those are really good for you,” Hilton told Marie Claire. “And then I love to go on walks with my dog up in the mountains and go hiking, surfing and skiing.”

Hilton also has a lymphatic drainage machine at home that she does every day. “It’s called Ballancer Pro, so every night while I’m watching TV before bed, I’ll put it on. It’s like a full-on suit,” she explains. “It just completely lymphatic-drains everything—it’s insane, I love it. It feels good. It’s just like squeezing you and kind of draining all the fluids out. You don’t even need to work out. It just makes your body, like, perfect. It’s really cool.”


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