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Paul Pierce Predicts The 2024 NBA Finals

Paul Pierce Predicts The 2024 NBA Finals


Former NBA player Paul Pierce hypes up the crowd prior to game seven of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics at TD Garden on May 29, 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts.
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The NBA season is here, meaning it’s time to make picks, predictions, and fire off hot takes.

A guy that has known a lot of that since he retired from the game is Paul Pierce.

The former Boston Celtics forward has been on the wrong end of several predictions more often than not, but he does know a thing or two about the game.

That’s why Skip Bayless had him on set for today’s edition of “Undisputed,” and he asked him about his predictions for the upcoming NBA Finals.

Unsurprisingly, Pierce chose his Celtics to go the distance and represent the Eastern Conference, as he believes they have the best starting lineup in the league.

Pierce talked about Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown blossoming into superstars, adding that they found a suitable replacement for Marcus Smart in Jrue Holiday.

He also believes that Kristaps Porzingis’ addition will take their game to another level.

As for the Western Conference, the Hall of Famer talked about the Phoenix Suns, lauding Bradley Beal’s addition.

Pierce thinks Beal, Kevin Durant, and especially Devin Booker can all handle playmaking duties, adding that today’s game doesn’t call for a traditional point guard.

He thinks teams need guys who can make plays on and off the ball, talking about the likes of Jamal Murray and Steph Curry, as opposed to the Rajon Rondos or Chris Pauls of the world.

This is by no means a far-fetched prediction, but we’ve seen how these stacked teams often fall short.

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