Home beauty Sarayu Blue Takes Our Rapid Fire Beauty Quiz

Sarayu Blue Takes Our Rapid Fire Beauty Quiz

Sarayu Blue Takes Our Rapid Fire Beauty Quiz


Not a whole lot of people can say they work with Nicole Kidman. Sarayu Blue can, but there’s way more to this 48-year-old than just being part of Amazon Prime’s Expats, the unofficial first must-stream of the year.

Beauty to me is…feeling good in one’s skin and being our full selves, with no guard up, no pretense, nothing to prove.

I feel most beautiful when…I’m dancing with total abandon.

The beauty move I still can’t master is…putting on false lashes.

The beauty treatment I can’t live without is…threading. IYKYK.

The beauty product I splurge on is…Sachi Skin’s Pro Resilience Serum ($79). My thirsty skin drinks it up so quickly, and it makes my skin thoroughly glow.

BUY NOW – $79

The beauty product I always have with me is…Rosebud Strawberry lip balm ($8) and hand cream. I hate the feeling of dry lips and hands.

BUY NOW – $8

I am proudest that…I’ve found the grit to keep going, but I’ve held onto my soft, squishy heart.

The beauty hack I’ve learned while getting ready on set is…wearing eye patches while doing your hair or makeup. Letting all that hydration soak in really helps! I love Dieux Skin’s eye patches ($25) because they’re reusable, and you can pair them with any eye cream. And the Live Tinted patches ($22) have copper peptides in them, which is a big plus.

BUY NOW – $25

BUY NOW – $22

The first big splurge I bought myself when I started booking roles was…in 2007, I booked my first lead on a pilot. I was working as a server/ bartender at the time and I was very frugal, but my good friend convinced me to splurge on a pair of knee-high Frye leather boots. The pilot didn’t get picked up, but I still have the boots!

The last product I used until the end was…all of them! I was raised not to waste anything and it’s stuck with me.

My favorite indulgence is…a strong, deep-tissue massage. I treat myself to massages so rarely. I actually have two gift cards for massages that I’ve saved for literally years! I don’t know why I wait so long. I think I’m always saving them for a time when I “really need it.” But thank you for the reminder, because I need to just use them!

My favorite way to unwind is…to snuggle on the sofa with my dog and my husband and watch something funny.

My must-pack item when I fly is…a rich moisturizer and Vaseline. As someone with very dry skin, staying moisturized is the rainbow I’m always chasing.

My biggest beauty inspiration is…my mom. She wears no makeup, has zero beauty routine, and she’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever known.


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