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Selena Gomez Talks Beauty Standards and Mental Health

Selena Gomez Talks Beauty Standards and Mental Health


Ever since the brand’s launch back in 2020, Selena Gomez has been clear Rare Beauty has always been more than just a line of makeup and skin-care products. Since the company’s very inception, raising awareness for mental health struggles and encouraging users to be their true, authentic selves has been at the core of the brand’s identity.

While Selena Gomez has been a beacon of positivity and light on social media, frequently sharing unfiltered, stripped-back photos with followers, that doesn’t mean the star hasn’t struggled with her self image. In a recent interview with Refinery29 Australia, Gomez got real about facing unrealistic beauty standards.

Selena Gomez on Beauty Standards and Mental Health

Advocating for mental health has always been at the center of everything Rare Beauty. “Mental health is really at our core and I’m so proud that 1 percent of all Rare Beauty sales globally go to the Rare Impact Fund,” Gomez tells Refinery29 Australia, but what many don’t know is that Gomez’s own struggles with body and self image have been a driving force behind her cosmetics empire.

“I think unrealistic standards of beauty affect everyone. I was feeling so much pressure to look a certain way, and I saw my friends were too,” Gomez tells the outlet. “Having this conversation in the beauty space is so important.” Gomez went on to explain that her main goal with Rare is to change the discourse about beauty and mental health, noting that she too struggles to filter out the negativity sometimes.

“There is a lot of noise out there and I do my best to ignore it; I’m really grateful to have wonderful fans and an amazing community,” she explains, “My hope is that we all create a safe space to be ourselves, to be vulnerable, and to challenge unrealistic standards of beauty.”


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