Home sports Skip Bayless Calls AFC Contender ‘Fraudulent’ After Week 7 Loss

Skip Bayless Calls AFC Contender ‘Fraudulent’ After Week 7 Loss

Skip Bayless Calls AFC Contender ‘Fraudulent’ After Week 7 Loss


Skip Bayless on the ESPN set in Miami, Florida on February 1, 2007.
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The Miami Dolphins needed to make a statement on primetime television.

Following their loss to the Buffalo Bills, they were able to bounce back in a big way and put up huge numbers as per usual, but they needed to prove that they could also do it against winning teams.

Needless to say, they wasted that chance, and now that the Philadelphia Eagles manhandled them with a 31-17 win, some pundits are having doubts about how legit they are.

That includes Skip Bayless, who recently called them “fraudulent” on “Undisputed” after Sunday night’s ugly loss.

Bayless ripped HC Mike McDaniel for trying to look like an offensive wizard and trying to out-trick the Eagles instead of just playing football.

On top of that, he ripped QB Tua Tagovailoa for not being able to beat the Eagles with his arm, adding that his wide receivers bailed him out on multiple wild throws that were somehow caught and that he should’ve had three or four interceptions.

The Dolphins have looked spectacular against losing teams and not so good vs. actual contenders.

They still have the most explosive offense in the game, and they could put up 40+ points on any given night.

But they still need to get over that hump and prove that they’re for real, not to mention be able to come back from adversity.

Notably, they have back-to-back tough games vs. the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs to silence the critics once and for all before their bye week.

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