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The Attachment for Fighting Double Chins

The Attachment for Fighting Double Chins


From Jenna Dewan to Jessica Simpson, Alicia Silverstone, Rebel Wilson, Lisa Rinna and more, EMFACE has quickly become one of the most celeb-loved treatments for toning and tightening the face without injections or invasive measures. Ever since BTL Aesthetics released the device in 2021, users everywhere can’t get enough of the face-snatching results that occur after just minutes of this noninvasive treatment.

BTL’s EMFACE and EMSCULPT are some of the best of the best in the world of face and body sculpting, and have long been the key to getting toned abs or sculpted cheeks in just a few quick and painless sessions. But, for a while now, users have been awaiting an option for toning the exceptionally stubborn double-chin area. Luckily, last month BTL announced the latest addition to the EMFACE family—Submentum, an attachment created specifically for toning the lower half of the face—and I had the opportunity to talk to the pros and try it myself. Ahead, everything you need to know about EMFACE Submentum, from how it works to what it feels like.

What Is EMFACE Submentum?

According to the experts at BTL, 55 percent of females and 40 percent of males are concerned with the double-chin area, and thus was born EMFACE Submentum—a 20-minute completely noninvasive procedure formulated specifically for reducing the appearance of double chins.

Now, you may be wondering how EMFACE Submentum differs from the traditional EMFACE treatment, and the answer is that the Submentum attachment is the only noninvasive treatment that effectively targets every layer of the double chin, from muscle to skin.

How does EMFACE Submentum work?

As noted previously, the skin, fat and muscle of the chin area is different than that of the rest of the face, and often more stubborn, which is why Submentum was created in order to cater specifically to the needs of this pesky and worrisome area. Using EMFACE’s patented combination of Synchronized Radiofrequency and HIFES muscle stimulation, EMFACE Submentum stimulates the submental tissues and the radiofrequency heating leads to an overall improvement in the aesthetics of the lower face.

The best part? There’s no downtime. With no needles and no bruising, each 20-minute EMFACE Submentum treatment can be done on a lunch break or before a big event with no worry that your face will look bruised or irritated post-procedure. While benefits can be seen immediately after treatment, it is recommended to undergo four EMFACE Submentum treatments in order to secure a year’s worth of results.

What does EMFACE Submentum feel like?

I got to try EMFACE Submentum ahead of the innovation’s official launch, and honestly I had no clue what to expect. While I knew the treatment was supposed to be painless, I wasn’t sure what it would feel like, but after going through the full 20-minute treatment I can assure you there is nothing to be scared of.

During my treatment, I had the EMFACE pads on my cheeks and the Submentum attachment under my chin, and while the initial feeling was surprising, it was definitely not painful. It’s somewhat of an indescribable sensation, but it almost feels like a pulling feeling under your skin. It’s freaky, but it’s painless. Your face will twitch and tort involuntarily with the pulses, so you’ll want to take videos if you can.

I’ve only gone in for one EMFACE Submentum treatment so far, so I still have three to go in order to harness the benefits seen in the incredible before-and-after images, but I will say I did see some improvement after just one session. My face looked generally less puffy and I felt like my jawline and double-chin area looked a bit more toned, so it’s safe to say I’m excited for what is to come.


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