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This Biodesigned Elastin Is Changing the Hair-Growth Game

This Biodesigned Elastin Is Changing the Hair-Growth Game


As we age, one of the most noticeable changes we may experience is a gradual loss of our hair. This can manifest as thinning strands or decreased thickness and may also be an indication of deeper health concerns. Stressful situations and stress itself can contribute to hair loss, along with environmental factors and hormonal shifts, all of which can be frustrating and impact self-confidence. Thankfully, advancements in scientific technology have led to newfound hope for achieving thicker, stronger hair (lashes and brows, too!) more quickly than ever before. With the help of Elastaplex®, a biodesigned protein complex that aids in anchoring hair follicles, NULASTIN® has the potential to revolutionize the realm of hair growth.

Understanding the Aging Hair Dilemma

To appreciate the significance of Elastaplex®, it’s essential to understand why we lose hair as we age. NULASTIN’S chief scientific officer, Felipe Jimenez, PhD, says the same elastin that keeps skin firm and imparts elasticity has a role in hair health as well. “This means that elastin allows skin to stretch and then return to its normal shape,” he explains. “What is not widely known is that elastin also serves to firmly anchor hair follicles to the dermis of the skin. As we age, elastin becomes damaged due to prolonged UV exposure, stressors, and normal chronological aging. This manifests as lax, wrinkled, or sallow-looking skin over time. Regarding hair, the damage to elastin manifests as premature hair loss.”

Elastin, a protein synonymous with youth, is produced by our bodies as we develop, but its production gradually declines as we age. This decrease, along with reduced collagen, laminin, and keratin, results in susceptibility to damage, and slower healing—negatively affecting our hair, lashes, and brows.

The Elastaplex® Breakthrough

NULASTIN’S Elastaplex® Technology is a synergistic blend of ingredients specifically engineered to support the body’s natural metabolic processes to replenish elastin. Dr. Jimenez explains, “Tropoelastin, our hero biodesigned elastin, is the precursor protein molecule of elastin. In a nutshell, elastin is a collection of elastin molecules that are connected in a very specific manner to create fibers that impart elasticity to skin and anchor hair follicles to the dermis.”

Using a complex chain of 786 amino acids in a molecular delivery system, Elastaplex ®can penetrate the skin’s deepest layers to restore elastic properties. The amino acids enable the chain and tropoelastin to permeate the skin’s structure, converting into elastin within the epidermis. This integration with existing elastin and other proteins expands the skin’s flexible backbone. Essentially, it’s like turning back the clock on aging.

Elastin and Keratin: A Game-Changing Blend

NULASTIN® took their innovation one step further by incorporating the same genetic technology for human keratin, making it a true game-changer in the cosmetic industry. “NULASTIN relies on a wealth of published literature on lab and clinical studies that demonstrate the role of biodesigned elastin in skin, hair and other vital organ systems in the human body,” adds Dr. Jimenez. “Moreover, NULASTIN’S products have been clinically tested and these studies demonstrate both qualitative and quantitative efficacy in support of our product claims.”

Expectations and Results

So, what can users expect from NULASTIN’S Elastaplex® Technology? Dr. Jimenez says, “In most cases, with consistency and daily use, our customers can expect to see less shedding, followed by thicker, fuller, and longer-looking hair, brows, and lashes, respectively, in as little as six weeks.” Our most recent clinical study showed that results doubled from week-6 to week-12, which is why we encourage users to set realistic expectations. NULASTIN offers a 100 percent Performance Guarantee, with no time-limit on returns, which accommodates personal progress and results.”

Real Results: Ella S, 28

“Before my journey with NULASTIN my lashes were short and thin, and my brows struggled to frame my eyes. But with NULASTIN, I noticed remarkable changes after just 2-3 weeks. My lashes became longer, darker, and fuller, reducing my reliance on mascara and boosting my confidence without makeup. Friends and even strangers noticed the difference, and my brows also became more defined and darker, perfectly framing my eyes. I’m now a devoted NULASTIN user. I consider it an essential part of my beauty routine.

Real Results: Jennifer P, 60

“After menopause, my lashes and brows became sparse and stubbornly refused to grow. But thanks to NULASTIN, I found the process super easy and effective! Now, my brows are fuller, and my lashes have grown so long that they touch just below my brow. I’m now a dedicated NULASTIN fan. It’s the best lash-growth serum I’ve ever tried.”

Real Results: Amber K, 46

I dealt with hair shedding in my 40s, so I knew the importance of a healthy scalp and nourishing her color-treated hair. NULASTIN made it simple, and now I’m thrilled with the results. Not only does my hair feel cleaner and healthier, I’ve also noticed new, thicker growth near the roots.”


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