Home beauty This Palette Proves Danessa Myricks Is the Willy Wonka of Makeup

This Palette Proves Danessa Myricks Is the Willy Wonka of Makeup

This Palette Proves Danessa Myricks Is the Willy Wonka of Makeup


After stepping into Danessa Myricks Beauty’s new office space, the ethos of the brand’s most recent launch was clear. Earthy florals greeted me as a sound bath welcomed me into the space, where the brilliant Danessa would explain the new palette and walk us through creating a look with it. Another editor and I eyed each other nervously when encouraged to follow along with Danessa’s lesson, but the innovative palette made the process simple and fun, like playing with paint as a kid.

Danessa Myricks Beauty Groundwork: Defining Neutrals Palette For Eyes, Brows, Face and Lips might sound like it’s overpromising, but I feel it doesn’t even do the palette justice. With the 10 velvet pomades and 10 Shape N’ Fix Powders in this palette, you could do 90 percent of your makeup.

The Benefits:

The benefits of this palette are endless, as you can use it on virtually any inch of your face. It’s worth noting the powders feature a stand-out ingredient called upsalite that controls oil and smooths texture for long, even wear.

I’ve successfully used this palette to shape my eyes and crease and create a beautiful smokey eyeshadow look. I was also able to use the pomade as an eyeliner with a thin brush. The pomades are great for sculpting the cheekbones and jawlines, and the powders as bronzer and blush.

I found one of the most impressive aspects of this palette to be how well it worked with my brows. The pomade was the perfect texture to create a structured brow. Then, you can go in and fill in any gaps with the powder. Just as Danessa made sure there were shades to suit every skin tone in this palette, there are also shades to match any natural hair color.

The ability to line my lips with the same product I used to sculpt my face felt like a triumph. Hot tip: The key to being able to use this palette to its full potential is an array of brush sizes and formats.

Bottom Line:

This all-in-one revolutionary palette is a must-have for makeup lovers, especially those who love to travel.

Price/Where to Buy:

Sephora.com, $65


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