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    Video Shows Klay Thompson Hiking Before Friday’s Game

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    While the Golden State Warriors struggled mightily during the first half of this season, they have been playing better since late January, and they’re now hoping to surprise people by making a run in the playoffs.

    They currently hold 10th place in the Western Conference, which means they would have to win two play-in tournament games on the road to reach the playoffs if they finish in that spot.

    One reason for the Warriors’ improved play of late is Klay Thompson, who has been shooting a higher percentage from 3-point range and is resembling his old self a little more than he did a few months ago.

    He posted an Instagram video of himself going on a hike while looking at the flowers that are starting to bloom as spring begins, per NBC Sports.

    On Friday, the Warriors will host the Indiana Pacers, a young team on the rise that leads the NBA in points per game and overall shooting percentage, and the Pacers will present a nice challenge for Thompson’s crew.

    Thompson clearly isn’t the same player he was prior to his ACL and Achilles injuries a few years ago, but so far in March, he’s shooting a sizzling 43.7 percent from 3-point range, which is the type of marksmanship he had before suffering those injuries.

    He is often coming off the bench these days for head coach Steve Kerr, and that change seems to have benefitted both Thompson and the team.

    For the team to reach the playoffs and do something meaningful there, it will need Thompson to step into the Wayback Machine and get hot for a prolonged stretch.

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